Kindle is coming....How traditional books can survive?

"Buying paperback novels could soon be a thing of the past, after research revealed that digital books are more eco-friendly than their physical counterparts. The study, by CleanTech, found that e-readers have more of a positive environmental impact than the publishing industry's efforts to cut carbon emissions through recycling, and benefits of electronic reading devices will also massively outweigh the damage caused by manufacturing the systems. E-readers will have a staggering impact on improving the sustainability and environmental impact on one of the world's most polluting industries: the publishing of books, newspapers and magazines." (from: - 3 September 2009)

I believe it's time for the traditional paper+ink books to become a "100% green product". If they want to survive.
(Now they have invented also an e-book-reader with a solar panel... No batteries... More and more eco-friendly... - 20 October 2009)