Nordic Swan and EU-Ecolabel. For books.

Did you know that in Scandinavian countries it is possible to produce a book with a complete green certification?
I mean: not just FSC paper. Not just vegetable-based inks. Not just some eco-sustainable printing technology.
I mean a certification for the ENTIRE book.
Nordic Swan. This is the name of the only european (Scandinavian, actually) certification that guarantees that the entire book (paper, inks, glues, printing technologies, etc.) is eco-friendly.
And you can put the Nordic Swan logo on the cover of the book.
Of course, if you are a publisher working in Italy (or France, or Austria, ...) it is not very useful to put on your book a Nordic Swan logo. Nobody knows it! (and, actually, it is not very used on scandinavian books, neither.)
But, did you know that also the European Union is planning to create a similar certification, valid for all the european countries?
EU-Flower or EU-Ecolabel for printed matter. This is the name.

Unfortunetly, they are talking about it since the beginning of third millennium.
Now they say that they will make a decision in 2010.
Let's hope.

European toilet papers have very complete green-certifications. European books (except scandinavian)... not yet.