Nordic Swan for Printing Companies - version 4.3

The version 4 of the Nordic Swan certificate for printing companies was valid from 13 December 2005 to 31 march 2010.
Usually they update the Swan criteria every 5 years.
But few months ago the criteria have been updated/prolonged to 31 march 2012.
Now the actual Swan Label version is 4.3.

This post is very boring, isn't it...?
I disagree. Not because it was written by me, but because the Nordic Swan for printing companies is one of the best certificate for printed matter in the world.
What is "printed matter"? Books.
A book with a Swan Label (printed by a printing company who has a Swan Label certificate) is almost 100% green!
The Swan-labelled book is not just made with "forest-friendly" paper, but the entire printing process and all the materials used are eco-friendly!

(Of course I exaggerate: it is not 100% green. The perfection is not of this world. But it is definitely 90% green, which is not bad at all!)

(I have a Swan-labelled book in my hand, and the logo is placed on the back cover. Take a look.)