Quantity (e-books) vs. Quality (eco-friendly books)

If you have a competitor who is unbeatable on prices and on distribution, what is your only chance?
The unbeatable competitor is (will be, but very soon) the e-book reader (Kindle, or mobile-phones with e-book readers inside).
Very soon, maybe in 2015, everybody will have an e-book reader.
So, you will have this kind of option: to buy the last Dan Brown book in digital version (4 euros/dollars) or buy it in paper version (20 euros/dollars)....
Which one people will choose?

I know, we strongly believe that people will ALWAYS LOVE the traditional books. And maybe it will be true.
But I think it is better start thinking to some added-value for our old, dusty books.
For example, offering books made with serious ecological certifications. (and not just a generic "recycled paper made" or "acid free paper made", that means nothing...)