What we can do? Write.

What we can do to make the traditional books more ecological? What we (readers, publishers, authors, printers, etc) can practically do?
Here it is one idea, for publishers.
Publishers that use some ecological materials or ecological printing technologies should always WRITE IT on the back cover of the books (or inside the colophon page: but not so many people read it...):
''This book is made with certified paper"
"This book is printed with vegetable-based inks"
"This book is printed by an ISO 14001 certified printing company".
Etc. etc.
The power of the publishing companies is the written word. Don't forget about it...
So this can be a perfect way to make the readers aware of the ecological commitment of one specific book. Some readers will buy it, because of it. But, more important, all the other publishing companies will start to do the same, because this is the market competition!! And this commitment will grow and grow AND GROW.

It looks logic. Isn't it?