Do you know Wal-Mart? They want bio-inks.

Yes, you know Wal-Mart. The mega-super-chain-of-shops in America.
Very recently (last July) Wal-Mart has announced that all the products on their shelves must have a "sustainability index".
What you can find on Wal-Mart shelves? Objects. But all the objects are packaged! And packages are made with paper and ink.

So, also ink manufacturers are now working on this sustainable-direction.

Actually, we must say that some of them were going in that direction before the Wal-Mart call.

But now ink manufacturers are able to participate in a program recently launched by the American National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers (NAPIM) that certifies the amount of Bio-derived Renewable Content (BRC index) used in the production of printing inks.

It is TODAY possible to have a good printing ink for books (Offest Sheetfed printing machines) having a BRC index of 80 (that means: made with 80% of renewable materials).
But most part of those inks have still BRC index of 30, or less.
The choice is in our hands.

More informations in next posts.