Here it is a letter that was published on the major Swedish newspapers on September 29th, 2009 (Translated from Swedish through Google automatic translator)

Open letter to those who are working in printing or publishing.
Last year sold 80 million books in Sweden. Guess how many were ecolabelled.

This is an open letter to you working in a printing or publishing companies in Sweden. It is, in addition, an invitation. For several years, we at The Swan have talked to you about the Swan Label certification, but everything is going extremely slowly. Very few ecolabelled books are published.
We can already make an environmentally friendly product, using environmentally friendly paper, avoiding the worst chemicals, separately collecting waste. This is good, but a Swan Label ensures the whole production chain and it is an easy way to show your environmental commitment to people.
Readers are interested in Ecolabelled books? Our experience from other industries
show that consumers value a Swan Label product very much. For four years we did a survey about what newspaper readers think it is most important in a newspaper. Of course, news coverage is at the top, but near the top there is the Environment, prior to sports coverage and prior the fact that the newspaper is free. And interest in environmentally friendly products only grows.
Now, it is strange. When we talk to you as a printing company, you say that you would like to Swan Label the books, but that publishers are not interested. When we talk with you publishers, you say that you are interested in the Swan Label, but that you don't have answers from the printers.
Have you really talked to each other?

Greetings from us, The Swan.
Cecilia Ehrenborg Williams
Business Area Manager, B2B, Ecolabelling Sweden AB