Choose your ink (bio)

"The BRC labeling program is the first phase of a comprehensive NAPIM initiative for evaluating and minimizing printing inks’ environmental impact. This first step is focused on the use of bio-derived renewable materials in printing ink. The BRC Index is an important and quantifiable value that can be used in conjunction with the already established guidelines for safety. The bio-derived renewable content is only one factor and should not be used as the sole basis for determining environmental friendliness, as a full life cycle analysis must be taken into consideration. These additional issues will be considered in Phase II and Phase III of the program." (source: NAPIM website)

It is interesting to note that: if National (American) Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers is working to make printing inks more sustainable for the environment, it must be a good (and necessary!) idea.

The BRC program is voluntary. The printing ink manufacturers can join it or not.

Another note: in the NAPIM website there is the list of ink manufacturers and printing inks (the products!) that have joined the BRC program and that already have a BRC Index certification (so you can read which inks are made with a high percentage of renewable materials).

Publishers!!! Please take note! (you can ask to your printer: please use a high -60 or 70 or 80- BRC Index printing ink for our next books. - Remember: the printers can do it! It is not impossible. And don't think that these inks are very expensive.)