An effective idea for the politicians: eco-friendly-made books can produce huge green-awareness between people.

Newspapers and magazines have short life (few days). Books stay in our home libraries forever.
And ALL OF US have some books in their hands, sooner or later.
So, the book is a perfect tool to teach something......

For example...... : if a book is produced using eco-friendly criteria, and if we print on the cover of that book a label (a "green-certification" label) we will see this green-label for many, many times and years.
And if all the books in the world will be green-labelled, this will be a huge, huge educative toll about ecological matters!!!

It is easy to do!
There are already green certifications (The Nordic Swan, The EU-Flower for Printed Matter, etc.) that can be used for books production, in order to guarantee the whole production process and all the materials used (papers, inks, glues, cardboards, etc.).
And there are green-labels that can be placed ON THE COVER of the books produced using eco-friendly materials and technologies.

This can be not just an immediate advantage for the environment and the climate (because green-practices are used in the production), but - MOST IMPORTANT - the green-labels will stay forever on the cover of those books, and every time we will have those books in our hands we will see the green-labels and we will be aware of the ecological matters. And this will be educative.
(can you imagine, for instance, IF ALL THE BOOKS FOR CHILDREN WILL BE GREEN-LABELLED? WE WILL GIVE TO CHILDREN AN IMPORTANT AND LONG-LASTING EDUCATION AND AWARENESS ABOUT GREEN MATTERS AND ECOLOGY!!! Something that they will remember when they will become men and women and will have to manage their companies, their families, their decisions.)

These green practices for printing are not so much expensive and complicated.
But unfortunately very few publishers and printers use these green-certifications, now. Because the editorial industry of books is not rich.
So, why the Governments don't think to promote, and to give some financial aids not just to cars but also to those printers and publishers who decide to produce eco-friendly-made books and put green-labels on the covers of those books?

The book is an instrument of culture and freedom. And can become a powerful tool of green awareness.